Fiber solutions




Along the development and production process, we support you with customized services from the first contact with us to the integration of our fibers in your production.

Fiber identification

Together we define the specification for your thread according to your requirements. For this purpose, we define the necessary properties that the finished yarn should have in the end via the base material and the chemical.

Process equipment evaluation

We regularly audit our process plants to assess their efficiency, performance and reliability. In this way, we identify weak points, find opportunities for improvement and can minimize potential risks at an early stage. We strive to provide the highest quality in the marketplace but working in partnership with our supplies and customers.

Quality Policy

Our top priority is the commitment to ensure prompt and reliable customer satisfaction through continuous improvement, and thorough knowledge of the customer needs and expectations. We strive to provide the highest quality in the marketplace by working in partnership with our suppliers and customers. We promote quality awareness and employee involvement for continuous improvement opportunities.

Onsite support

After the development of the fiber, we are on site with our customers to help them integrate our products smoothly into their processes. We also gather information on what else we can adjust – for example, in terms of the package pattern or other aspects – so that the customer’s process can run more easily and reliably.