Widest Range of Technical Fibers – Unique Performance Enhancing Treatments – Highest Quality Diverse Packaging


Engineered solutions to your exact specifications for the right strength, diameter and flexibility.


Proprietary treatments that enhance performance with outstanding adhesion for all rubber types.


Extensive commercially available put-ups including custom for high quality and diverse packaging.

The hose industry relies on our engineered solutions… It begins with our investment in people, research and high-tech precision equipment.

Beaver Manufacturing Company, Inc. is a leader in the global conversion of industrial fiber for the reinforcement of hose and mechanical rubber goods. We specialize in performance enhancing treatments for adhesion and improved processing on spiral, knitting and braiding equipment. We precision twist and wind polyester, rayon, PVA, nylon, aramids (Kevlar®, Nomex®, Twaron®, & Technora®), spun polyester and other industrial fibers. We offer high quality diverse packaging for a broad array of industrial fibers and hose reinforcement equipment. Beaver Manufacturing services primarily the Automotive, Industrial, Oil & Gas, Aerospace, Agriculture and Marine Hose markets.

We are widely recognized as a company with a bright and growing future. Our global presence continues to expand through solid international partnerships. Beaver Manufacturing is a family oriented organization that conducts its business with an eye toward long term stability and close working relationships with our customers. We are a leader in the hose reinforcement industry because we have the people and the expertise coupled with the right resources.

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