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Corporate Social Responsibility

At Beaver Manufacturing we take a holistic approach to Sustainability with corporate social responsibility (CSR) as the core of our strategy. Through governance, responsible sourcing, product safety, environmental stewardship, community outreach and employee well-being we have developed a sustainability strategy to help guide us on a journey of continuous improvement to responsibly care for our people, products, and the planet. We are excited to share with you our inaugural sustainability report for 2023 attached below.

Sustainability strategy with a core of Corporate Social Responsibility

Sustainability Evaluation


Beaver Manufacturing utilizes EcoVadis the world’s leading provider of sustainability ratings for companies and global supply chains. This platform allows us to continuously monitor our sustainability efforts in every area of our CSR strategy and creates another layer of transparency to our ongoing efforts to reduce our global impact.

EcoVadis Sustainability Evaluation

Lean Process


In 5 key points of our production, we are guided by the principles of lean production to save time and money, work in an environmentally friendly way and constantly improve customer satisfaction.

  1. Work safety
  2. Quality
  3. On-time delivery
  4. Inventory
  5. Productivity and costs

And we always make sure to keep the 8 forms of waste as low as possible.

8 Forms of Waste Icons

Our Responsibility


With our Corporate Social Responsibility, we make a voluntary contribution to the sustainable development of our company, society and the common good and assume responsibility for social and environmental issues. At Beaver, we place a high value on responsible business practices, which is why we are committed to making a positive impact on society and the environment.


These are our reasons for doing so:

Long-term success is only achieved through sustainable business practices. By integrating CSR into our business practices, we promote this aspect and contribute to the protection of natural resources and the ecosystem. We are committed to environmentally friendly production processes, energy efficiency and waste reduction.

We take responsibility for our impact on the communities in which we operate. We engage in local social projects and support local initiatives to improve education, health and living conditions.

Our customers can be assured that when they do business with Beaver, they are working with a company that places a clear priority on ethical business practices, transparency and social commitment.

Our employees are proud to be part of a company that takes social and environmental responsibility. Through various initiatives, we offer them the opportunity to play an active role in this, to participate in charitable activities or to contribute environmentally friendly ideas. This not only promotes a positive working atmosphere, but also strengthens the commitment of our employees.

Our Commitment

At Beaver Manufacturing, we are proud to present our inaugural sustainability report. We are eager to further enhance our journey towards continuous improvement to responsibly care for our people, products and the planet.

Our Certificates

We are certified to ISO 14001, ISO 50001 and ISO 9001 plus the additional certification IATF 16949.