About Beaver

How we work

How we work


Globally active

We are globally active and committed locally. This means that we have a global portfolio that we produce locally to minimize the burden on the environment. At each of our locations, we work closely with our suppliers and partners as well as customers, focusing on long-term partnerships, trust and reliability.

Close Cooperation

We work with our customers to develop precise specifications to meet their applications and for easy integration into their processes.

The new and further development of production techniques and the associated manufacturing processes are designed, optimized and tested in advance in the development laboratory – to then be implemented smoothly, and in accordance with the respective product requirements, on the large-scale plants. In the process, development is closely coordinated with the needs of our customers and their demands on the product.

Innovations & R&D

Beaver Manufacturing will be satisfied with nothing less than 100% conformance to customer needs and requirements both now and in the future. We continually make significant investments in research and development and provide exceptional customer and technical services to support this primary business initiative.

This also means that we develop a specific blend of yarn and chemicals for each job, perfectly matched to the customer’s requirements. This makes the products we manufacture and sell unique.

Our values