Beaver Manufacturing Company and Mehler Engineered Products Group Announce Partnership


Beaver Manufacturing Company, Inc. and Mehler Engineered Products Group Announce Partnership
Strategic Cooperation Enhances the Hose Industry in Europe

MANSFIELD, GA, USA / FULDA, GERMANY, October 24, 2017 – BEAVER MANUFACTURING COMPANY INC. (BMC), the leading converter of hose yarn reinforcement in North America, and MEHLER ENGINEERED PRODUCTS GROUP, headquartered in Fulda, Germany, one of the leading global converters of textile rubber reinforcement solutions, announced a strategic partnership today to meet the growing needs for technical solutions of rubber reinforcements in Europe.

BEAVER MANUFACTURING manufactures industrial fiber for the reinforcement of hose and mechanical rubber goods, specializing in performance enhancing treatments for adhesion and improved processing on spiral knitting and braiding equipment. The partnership expands MEHLER ENGINEERED PRODUCTS GROUP in its product portfolio, where they provide the required technical, logistics and engineering organization, and capabilities to serve the market.

“As the demand for our products has increased in the European market, we began to look for the best way to meet our customer needs,” said Michael Dubin, Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of BEAVER MANUFACTURING. “This partnership brings our products one step closer to the end user,” he said, “and will lead to manufacturing our products locally in Europe in the near future.”

“This newly formed strategic partnership will position our company in offering RFL-, RF-free, and Isocyanate-based product solutions to our customers as a one-stop-shop,” stated Joerg Czempisz, Chief Executive Officer and President of MEHLER ENGINEERED PRODUCTS GROUP. “Our unique position within the markets we are serving will enable us, as organizations, to get to the next level of customer care by further reducing time-to-market and total cost of ownership.”

MEHLER ENGINEERED PRODUCTS GROUP will take over the sales, service and distribution of BEAVER MANUFACTURING produced products in Europe, effective January 1, 2018, in the first phase of cooperation. The partners will extend the cooperation into local customized development and manufacturing of BEAVER MANUFACTURING based products at a later date.

BEAVER MANUFACTURING COMPANY, INC. was organized in early 1971 to supply chemically treated industrial yarns to the hose industry. Their diverse product line is an invaluable asset to hose engineers who must develop products that sell in today’s competitive market.

MEHLER ENGINEERED PRODUCTS GROUP is an established global company for the development and manufacturing of treated yarns and cord fabrics for a wide range of technical rubber products in the Tire and Mechanical Rubber Goods market.

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