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Beaver Manufacturing Co. offers More Types of Industrial Fiber than ANY Other Single Supplier!
In addition to the products listed herein, other fibers are available upon request.

Our diverse product line is an invaluable asset to hose engineers who must develop products that sell in today's competitive market. The many fibers available allow hose engineers to choose the optimum reinforcement for each hose design. Development programs are conducted in a more efficient manner since the hose engineer can compare reinforcement options while dealing with a singe source of supply.

Our substantial raw material purchasing power combined with a continuing commitment to quality control and product improvement results in many long term benefits to our customers.

We are widely recognized as a company with a bright and growing future. Beaver Manufacturing Co. is a family oriented organization that conducts its business with an eye toward long term stability and close working relationships with our customers. We are the leader in the hose reinforcement industry because we have the people and the expertise coupled with the resources to handle that responsibility effectively.

All of us at Beaver Mfg. Co. stand ready to meet our customers' needs. Please contact us for more information concerning our diverse product line and innovative technology...