Beaver Manufacturing offers engineered solutions to your exact specifications for the right strength, diameter and flexibility.  We provide improved processing on spiral, knitting and braiding equipment.

We twist filament yarns to protect and stabilize the fiber bundle and maximize breaking strength.  Twisting also helps to improve downstream processability, and reduces the likelihood of mechanical damage to the yarn.  The result is increased performance on customers’ equipment and maximum benefits in the finished product.

Beaver Manufacturing’s twisting capabilities include ring twisting, doubling for plied yarns, and our 2 for 1 twisting for plied yarns.


  • Combines ends into multi ply construction
  • Typical base deniers:  1000, 1300 & 1500
  • Can combine up to 6 plies

Ring Twisting

  • Twisting of specialty fibers such as our own Nonex, Technora and hybrid products

2 For 1 Twisting

  • Used with single and multiple ply fibers
  • Processes a full range of fibers and deniers
  • Ability to run multiple products simultaneously with many different setups
  • Fast and economical