SPIRATAC® Processing Fibers

Our SPIRATAC® treated fibers offer hose engineers greater performance with higher processing speeds, more package build options, improved handling and cleaner processing.  SPIRATAC® treated fibers are geared for demanding reinforcement applications such as high speed spiral and knitting lines.   Our SPIRATAC® Aramid products are our premier solution to reduce inherent para-armid filamentation and lint build up on reinforcement equipment.  Our customers choose our SPRIATAC® fiber products for our precision cone winding, greater package stability, efficient processing and dense packaging.

 For braiding applications in addition to an infinite array of wind builds, we offer INTEGRITY by BEAVER® top coated adhesive products for multi end yarn braiding applications where breakouts and sloughing are a concern.  INTEGRITY by BEAVER® treated products have the same high level of adhesion but offer improved processing particularly for vertical package and older braiding equipment.


Processing Aids

  • SPIRATAC® 100 – Treated fiber for improved processing of spiral and knitted packages.  Available on our full line of industrial fibers.
  • INTEGRITY by Beaver® – Treated products that offer improved processing of multi-end braider packages.  Available on our full line of BEAVERLOC® Adhesive Fibers.