Beaver Manufacturing offers high quality diverse packaging on a broad array of industrial fibers. Packages are wound to customer specification and metered lengths to ensure even package run-outs on hose making equipment.

We offer both precision and random winding capabilities for tubes, cones, bobbins and bulk packaging. Precision winding increases reinforcement and produces a very dense package with a maximum amount of yarn stored in a given volume.  The packages formed by random winding are less dense but more stable.

We are committed to providing whatever packaging solution our customers require. If you need a specific Put-Up, please contact Chuck Senne at  or (770) 784-7204 for assistance.


50+ Commercially available including…

  • Mayer Braidtech GmbH MR-11 tubes
  • Harry Lucas GmbH knit tubes
  • Conventional – 6” & 8” tubes
  • Rockwell RB-2 & 225 tubes
  • OMA 6” & 8” tubes
  • Wardwell tubes
  • Karg tubes
  • Entwistle cones
  • KMC spiral & knit cones
  • Sidney Tool & Die cones
  • Flanged bobbins
  • Bulk tubes up to 28 Lbs