Global Presence

Beaver Manufacturing’s global presence continues to expand through solid international partnerships.

The following markets are represented by these companies:

  • USA & Canada – Beaver Manufacturing Mansfield, Georgia
  • Mexico & South America – Beaver Manufacturing Tepeji, Mexico
  • Europe – Mehler Engineered Products Group
  • Turkey – Marara

Please contact Chuck Senne at  or (770) 784-7204 for more company, location, and product information.

Meet Our European Partner

Mehler Engineered Products Group

  • MEHLER ENGINEERED PRODUCTS GROUP is an established global company for the development and manufacturing of treated yarns and cord fabrics for a wide range of technical rubber products in the Tire and Mechanical Rubber Goods market.
  • MEP produces coated fabrics and yarns for multiple use in rubber products, geo textiles, fiber based layings, textile reinforcement for personal protection, as well as chopped fibers for several filler applications.
  • In the first phase of cooperation, MEP will take over the sales, service and distribution of Beaver produced products in Europe, effective January 1, 2018.  Local customized development and manufacturing of Beaver based products will begin at a later date.