Beaver Spends $2 million to Equip Plant

By Chris Sweeney
Rubber and Plastics News Staff

MANSFIELD, Ga.- Beaver Manufacturing Co, Inc. has invested $2 million in new equipment for its factory and headquarters in Mansfield.

The plant consists of three facilities encompassing 170,000 square feet, all of which received upgrades.

“We’re growing more on a global basis, so our customer demand is increasing,” said Mike Dubin, Beaver vice president of operations.

“Part of it is upgrading to th e latest technology we can come up with in terms of making our products. In terms of winding we’ve probably increased our capacity by 20 percent,” he said.

Beaver upgraded and expanded its chemical mixing area. Dubin said the company arranged the area to keep up with the ever-growing demand on a global basis. It also invested over a million dollars on a new fully integrated ERP system.

The company also invested in a new generation of multiple end up winding machines that also include automatic doubling, which Dubin believes is unique to the global industry.

Beaver also installed 32 new cone spindles, which brings its total to 54.

“For that kind of winding, there are probably not too many people in the world who have that many spindles,” Dubin said.

The firm also added two-for-one twisting machines that increased Beaver’s capacity by 15 percent.

“We’re moving to fully computerized winders and automatic doubling,” Dubin said. “As far as twisting goes, we’re moving to individually spindle controlled twisters so we can run each position as opposed to having to run the whole side on one item.”

Beaver’s core business is hose yarns for use in the industrial, automotive and energy market segments. Its products are used in a variety of industries, including twin welding, curb pump, garden, lay flat irrigation, LP Gas, washing machine and others.

Beaver also has had a partnership with Cordus GmbH, located in Muehlhausen, Germany, for its European customers since 2011. Cordus warehouses, markets, services and supports Beaver’s European hose customers. Beaver acts as local sales and marketing in North America for Cordus’ dipped single end yarns and cords for hoses, tires and V-belts.